Welcome to our door shop, where anything is possible!
We offer complete door shop services including pre-hanging, drilling for knobs/deadbolts, mortising for hinges, cut-outs for glass and mail slots, as well as installation!
Pre-Hung Doors
Building your room from scratch? Has your door frame seen a little too much wear and tear? Updating the style of your home? We offer door units that come pre-hung in whatever jamb you need!
Doors come with options! Look here for a free, printable checklist to guarantee you are aware of all of your choices, or give us a call!
Machine to Match
If you don’t require a new door frame and are just looking to replace your door slab, Windsor Plywood Langley can help too!
We will get you a new door, and then machine it using your old door as a template to fit your existing door jamb. In fact, bring any door in, and we will machine it for a fee. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll have your new doors up in no time and save yourself some money too.

Take off your existing doors & door hardware and bring them in to Windsor.
In Windsor’s Door Shop our carpenter will measure the exact spots for the hinges and door knob using your old door as a template. From there, we will either machine a stocked door for you, or bring in a specific door to fit your needs before drilling it.
Back home with your new door, install your hinges and door knob in the pre-drilled spots, hang your door in place, and your done! Easy! Print out these instruction sheets to help you install your door and ensure a perfect fit.